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BEST BREAKTHROUGH ACT 2014 – Compiled and Supported by Plastician


My Nu Leng


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Plastician is a genuine one-off. An innovator in both dubstep and grime, he was one of the first producers to bridge the two genres: early tunes like ‘Venom’ and ‘Pump Up The Jam’ were dropped by Slimzee on Rinse FM around the turn of the millennium, and he was one of the original group of Croydon producers – alongside Skream and Benga – who first developed the dubstep sound.

He’s had a show on Rinse since early 2003, having been invited to join after his tracks started making an impact on both grime and dark garage dancefloors. Not long afterward, he was invited to play at FWD for the first time and showcase his sound. “At the time no-one knew what to call what I was playing or making,” he says, “because I was making kind of a grime sound for the dubstep audience. So I was playing all of the Croydon stuff, mixed into this new take on the stripped-back grime sound, which you still hear today with people like Joker.”

Since then the genres themselves have mutated but, he says, “I still like to bridge between everything. I don’t think my taste has changed much. In my head it’s always the same, I just like what I like.”

So on his Rinse show you’re likely to hear anything from grime – “there’s been a resurgence,” he says, “right now I’m probably playing as much grime as I used to play back in 2005″ – to dubstep, and similar sub-driven mutations such as trap. “For me the trap thing is a lot closer to what I was into in the early days,” he explains. “It’s kind of a hybrid of rap and electronica, a bit like grime was, or a bit like what we were doing back in the days when garage was turning into the dark stuff.”

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Photo Credit: Rebecca Lindon